Accounting is classified as basis for the financial statements, anual reports and so on. Due to legal requirements the records shall be prepared regularly and should be reported to the tax authorities or other authorities. Proper accounting provides the basis for a significant and reliable operating information system which could be also used for internal controlling purposes. As result essential information referring to the own business can be gained from timely business analyses. So the own success gets transparent, the current status of accounts receivables and payables can be monitored to take the appropriate business measurements.

As special knowledge in commercial and tax law is needed, we can offer adequate support and assistance. Main aim is to implement an accounting process fitted to your needs, to provide you the freedom you need to focus on your core bussiness.

The current accounting contains:

  • organisation of financial documentary and controll of invoice
  • grouping, ordering and regrouping accounting records
  • assignment of accounts
  • registration of the current transactions in the financial accounting
  • asset accounting
  • accounting of accounts-receivable and accounts-payabe
  • assistance on accounting tasks
  • generating of monthly/quarterly financial reports and overviews
  • administartional tasks and generating of wire-transfer for banking

Also in case of a client's in-house-accounting we provide consultancy and assistance on any related task as mentioned above.

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