Financial Statements

Based on the bookkeeping and payroll services carried out during the fiscal year, different annual accounts as well as reports must be prepared due to various legal requirements depending on the  corporate entity and type of business at hand. These should give a true and fair view over the net assets, financial position as well as profit situation and should provide the data basis not only for external corporate information but also for internal management control and so on. These data must be also transmitted for taxation purposes to the tax authorities by eBilanz. Furthermore, certain forms of companies have to submit their financial statements to the commercial register courts, which publish them on grounds of creditor protection. Banks also often require timely prepared annual financial statements as eBankTransfer for their financial assessment and rating.

In this context and dependent on the requirements of the particular case following tasks can emerge:

  • preparatory work for the purpose of correcting the current accounting
    • determining impairment of fixed assets
    • inventory of current assets
    • determination of the recoverability of accounts receivables
    • determination of deferred income
    • determination of provisions
    • determination of liabilities
  • preparation of financial statements and annual financial statements
    • closing of accounts
    • finalising of the actual accounts or annual report
  • preparation of accounting reports and documentation
    • cash-basis accounting including income-expenditure accounts
    • balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, related notes and if necessary management report
  • analysis of data provided by the annual report and financial statement
    • profitability analysis
    • liquidity analysis
    • asset analysis
    • financing analysis
    • analysis of profit/loss
  • support for voluntary and obligatory audits of financial statements by auditors
  • publication of the annual report and financial statement
    • at the Bundesanzeiger and/or the Firmenbuchgericht/commercial court
    • at tax authorities (eBilanz)
    • at banks (eBankTransfer)

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