Payroll accounting

Payroll accounting is a quite complicated matter, as legal provisions and requirements deriving from labour law, social security law and tax law converge. As employees' wages and salaries are strictly confidential, payroll accounting is a highly sensitive field, where mistakes can be extremely expensive. The legislature imposes on employers obligations to discharge various contributions and taxes for their employees; if the company fails to fullfill thess obligations properly, it will be made legally liable for it and even may be liable for prosecution. If too much duties are discharged and transferred to public institutions, money is withheld from the employees.

Entrepreneurs should not be burdened with such duties,; instead they should focus on their core business without any rampant bureaucratic requirements. Our aim is to implement a payroll accounting that is fitted to the circumstances, needs and wishes of your bussiness.

The regular payroll accounting contains among others:

  • notification of social security authorities about start, changes and end of employments
  • management of the current payrolls including the management of the accounts of staff ill or on paid vacation
  • consulting and verification of travel expenses claims
  • current correspondence/online-connection with the social security and tax authorities
  • consulting on optimal kind of employment: contract of employement or contract of service
  • consulting referring to contract of employment, bargaining agreements and interprtation of collective agreements
  • consulting on optimal design of wages and salaries
  • consulting referring to termination of employments
  • consulting referring to taxlaw, social security law and labour law matters
  • support in case of tax- or social security contributions-audits carried out by social security and tax authorities

Also in case of an in-house payroll accounting we are pleased to offer consulting services or any assistence you might need.

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