Today's business world is constantly faced with increasing demands and therefore requires individual solutions for complex problems. This is for me the central aim of consulting, which main goal is to comply with clients’ requests – whether those from one-person businesses (EPU) or small-and-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to large enterprises – reliably, by high quality standards and at the same time innovatively and interdisciplinary.

Various internships inspired my enthusiasm for the work as a consultant and prompted me during my studies in business administration as well as of economics and law, to acquire necessary knowledge and to develop an individual cross-disciplinary understanding.

After my graduation at university and completion of training as an accountant and tax agent, my consulting-office was founded on March 1st 2005 with the swearing-in ceremony as self-employed accountant.

In addition to my initial authorization I was appointed as a management adviser and business organizer. In autumn 2007 I was sworn in as management accountant after completing my training as payroll accountant. Due to all these certifications I could enhance my consulting approach, which lead to further growth both in nature of the tasks as well the number of clients.

After continuous training and completion of the one-year tax-adviser-examination-procedure followed the swearing-in ceremony as a tax adviser for Austria in the autumn of 2009. Besides this I took part in one of the advanced university education in the field of international tax law specializing in German and Swedish National Tax Law.

In 2011 the admission as a foreign service for the temporary and occasional assistance in tax matters by the Chamber of Tax Advisers Munich was issued for the first time. As consequence a further specialization in consulting for cross-border mandates between Germany and Austria was developed.

Athe beginning of 2016 the one-year tax-adviser-examination was accomplished by the appointment as a tax adviser for Germany by the Chamber of Tax Advisers Nuremberg. After some years of practical experience in Germany my office was shifted back to Austria from Germany.

During my professional practice, it was necessary to attend individual further specialised on the job training courses in various fields such as taxes in agriculture and forestry as well as international tax law in order to be state of the art to current tax developments in order to be able to advise my clients at highest level possible.

All these milestones in the office’s history as well as the own success are the foundations for holistic thinking, flexibility, loyalty, a reliable and responsible relationship with clients. This comittment and a partnerlike cooperation should provide you with the innovative solutions that will make your success possible.

Ihr Ansprechpartner

Dieter Herbert Rothmann

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